VINYL GRAB BOX (5 different/random LPs + some Stickers) $30 CHEAP
CD GRAB BOX (10 different/random CDs + some Stickers) $25 CHEAP
Abe Froman “Self Titled” —- DIGITAL
Abe Froman / Soophie Nun Squad “split” —- DIGITAL
Andrew Jackson Jihad “Only God Can Judge Me” —- CD $6.00 —- DIGITAL
Andrew Jackson Jihad / Ghost Mice CD $5.00 —- LP $12 —- DIGITAL
Andy Lips / Chris Clavin “split” —- DIGITAL
Andrew Lips “Pleasure” Comic $10.00 —- Music DIGITAL
Anti-Sociales LP $9.00 —- DIGITAL
Ayotte, Eric “Remnants of Storytown CD $5.00 —- DIGITAL
Ayotte, Eric “Wavering” CD $5.00 —- DIGITAL
Ayotte, Eric “Transparency” —- DIGITAL
Best Friends Forever “Romance, Conflict, Adventure” CD $5.00 —- DIGITAL
Best Friends Forever “Self Titled” —- DIGITAL
Best Friends Forever / The Middle Ones “split” LP $12.00 —- DIGITAL
Beyond Things “Our Call Outs” CD $4.00 —- DIGITAL
Captain Chaos “Shadows of Order” LP $12.00 —- DIGITAL
Captain Chaos “158 Songs” —- DIGITAL
Chris Clavin “Free Pizza For Life” Book $12.00 —- DIGITAL
Chris Clavin “Ogden” Comic ‘Zine $3.00
Chris Clavin “The Roads Don’t Lead Home…” LP $11.00
Chris Clavin “In a Van, Outside a Squat in Kiel” —- DIGITAL
Dave Dean’s Musical Forklift “Live in a Basement” DVD $5.00
Dead Friends “Self Titled” CD $5.00 —- DIGITAL
Delay “Plain Language” CD $5.00 —- DIGITAL
Delay “Jump Start My Heart / Don’t Laugh” CD $5.00 —- DIGITAL
Devil Is Electric ” Discography” —- DIGITAL
Door-Keys “Greenwood Park Mall” CD $5.00 —- DIGITAL
Door-Keys “Holy Shit” CD $5.00 —- DIGITAL
Dogbreth “Sentimental Health” DIGITAL
Emperor X “Nineteen Live Recordings” CD $5.00 —- DIGITAL
Erin Tobey “Self Titled” —- DIGITAL
Four-Eyes “Sweet Sounds” CD $5.00 —- DIGITAL
Garrett Walters “I Call my Younger Sister Twice a Day” CD $5 —- DIGITAL
Garrett Walters “At The End of South Washington” —- DIGITAL
Gerd Dembowski “Tiny Taste of Freedom” Book $10.00
Ghost Mice / Brook Pridemore “split” —- DIGITAL
Ghost Mice / Taco Cat “Split” —- 7” EP —- DIGITAL
Ghost Mice “Europe” —- DIGITAL
Ghost Mice “Debt of the Dead” —- DIGITAL
Ghost Mice “All we Got is Each Other” CD $5.00 —- DIGITAL
Ghost Mice “Death and Hatred To Mankind”10” LP $ 12.00 —- DIGITAL
Ghost Mice / Andrew Jackson Jihad “Split” (see AJJ above)
Ghost Mice / Ramshackle Glory “Split” (see Ramshackle Glory below)
Ghost Mice / Saw Wheel “Split” —- DIGITAL
Ghost Mice “Live in a Barn” —- DIGITAL
Ghost Mice / Heathers “Tour EP” —- DIGITAL
Ghost Mice / Pretty Hot “Split” —- DIGITAL
Ghost Mice / Rymodee “Split” —- DIGITAL
Ghost Mice / Defiance Ohio “Split” —- DIGITAL
Hard Feelings “Swell” LP $12.00 —- DIGITAL
Imperial Can “Hey Fuckers” CD $5.00 —- DIGITAL
Inky Skulls “Inky Skulls” —- DIGITAL
Jammy Dodgers “Skive Off” CD $5.00 —- DIGITAL
Jammy Dodgers “Fish N’ Chips” —- DIGITAL
Japanther “Wolfenswan” CD $5.00 —- DIGITAL
Kyle Hall “Self Titled” LP $12.00 —- DIGITAL
Kyle Hall / Chris Clavin “Split” —- DIGITAL
Let’s Go Bloomington 2014 COMP —- FREE —- DIGITAL
Lost Gatos Negros “We Shall Bring A Darkness” COMIC BOOK $8.00
Lycka Till “Self Titled” CD $5.00 —- DIGITAL
Madeline Adams “Kissing & Dancing” CD $5 —- LP $10
Madeline Adams / Dead Bird “Split” CD $5
Madeline Ava / Chris Clavin “Split” —- DIGITAL
Matty Pop Chart “Good Ole Water” CD $5.00 —- DIGITAL
Matty Pop Chart “Everyone Does Everything” —- DIGITAL
Max Levine Ensemble “Okay Smarty Pants” $5.00 CD —- DIGITAL
Max Levine Ensemble “Mr. Gikokovic” $5.00 CD —- DIGITAL
Max Levine Ensemble / Operation Cliff Clavin “Split”DIGITAL
Michael Jordan’s Touch Down Pass “Cash…” —- DIGITAL
Mitch The Champ “Long Way Home” LP $12 —- DIGITAL
Mitch The Champ “Inside Out” —- DIGITAL
Mystery Books / Chris Clavin “Split” —- DIGITAL
One Reason “All Rivers…” —- DIGITAL
ONSIND “Mildred, Margie, Annie, Clarice” —- DIGITAL
ONSIND “Dissatisfaction” CD $5.00 —- LP $12.00 —- DIGITAL
ONSIND “Anaesthesiology” LP $12.00 —- DIGITAL
Operation: Cliff Clavin “Out Of Control” DISCOGRAPHY —- DIGITAL
Pat the Bunny “Probably Nothing, Possibly Everything” LP $12.00 —- DIGITAL
Peanucle “Wrath of the Meek” —- DIGITAL
Punkin Pie “Broke Truck Good Luck” CD $5.00 —- DIGITAL
Ramshackle Glory/Ghost Mice “Shelter” LP $12.00 - CD $5.00 —- DIGITAL
Ramshackle Glory “Live The Dream” LP $12.00 —- DIGITAL
Rat Storm “Fractured” —- DIGITAL
Rick V. “The Big Oldie” Comic Book $8.00
Roman Candles “Riley vs. Jason…” —- DIGITAL
Rosa “I Mississippi you” CD $5.00 —- DIGITAL
Russ Substance/James Black “Split” CD $4.00 —- DIGITAL
Sara Cilantro / Chris Clavin “Secrets” —- DIGITAL
Sissies “Everything in the World” —- DIGITAL
Small Bones “Self Titled” CD $5.00 (only 25 left) —- DIGITAL
Soophie Nun Squad “Pasizzle” CD $5.00 —- DIGITAL
Soophie Nun Squad “The Devil The Metal… ” —- DIGITAL
Spoonboy “Papas” Tape $5.00 —- LP $12.00 —- DIGITAL
Spoonboy “I Love You, This is a Robbery” —- DIGITAL
Stressface “Oi, You’re Welcome” CD $5.00 —- DIGITAL
Street Eaters “Rusty Eyes and Hydrocarbons” LP $12.00 —- DIGITAL
Taxpayers “Cold Hearted” LP $12.00 —- DIGITAL
Taxpayers “God Forgive These Bastards” —- DIGITAL
Taxpayers “To Risk So Much…” CD $5.00 —- DIGITAL
Tiger, The “2009 Demo Tape” —- DIGITAL
Tooth Soup “Casting Off Curses” CD/ZINE/PATCH $10.00 —- DIGITAL
VARIOUS “Plan-it-x Comp #1” —- DIGITAL
VARIOUS “It Came From Plan-It-X 2014” LP $15.00 —- DIGITAL
VARIOUS “Tour Sucks” Book $10.00 (a collection of bad tour stories)
Watercolor Paintings “When You Move” LP $12.00 —- DIGITAL
Waxahatchee / Chris Clavin “Split” —- DIGITAL
Wild Assumptions “Self Titled” 7” EP $5.00 —- DIGITAL
Wingnut Dishwasher’s Union “10 songs” —- DIGITAL
Your Heart Breaks “New Ocean Waves” CD $5.00 —- DIGITAL


To order via snail mail, write down everything you want on a sheet of paper with the PRICE$.

Total all the PRICE$.

If you live in the U$A shipping is free. If you live in Canada or Europe, please email me the list of things you plan to order and I will send you the shipping cost. SHIPPING IS $$$$$ so be prepared!

Then, send CA$H or a MONEY ORDER (you can get them from your bank or the post office) made out to CHRIS JOHNSTON (not plan-it-x). NO CHECKS... Send to the PIX ADDRESS.

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